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  NSPO Introduction

National Space Organization (NSPO) was originated in October 1991 as National Space Program Office for carrying out the first stage plan of a 15-year "Space Technology Long Term Developmental Program" approved by the Executive Yuen. It acts as an execution organization for Taiwan's space program and integration capability for large high-tech system. The purpose is to develop Taiwan's space technology development infrastructure as well as competitive resources that would benefit Taiwan's space application industries for future international space market.

"The Second Phase Space Technology Long Term Developmental Program" was approved by the committee of National Science Council in December 2002. The entire plan scheduled for15 years; from 2004 to 2018. The second phase space program will continue the performance of the first phase space program. The execution strategy will focus on meeting Taiwan's national needs, carrying out satellite programs, promoting academic research and industrial development, improving Taiwan's overall space technology development capacity, and developing added value to the domestic industry.
Following the Government policy and with the goal of establishing a more flexible operation for technology research development, National Science Council in 2003 established National Applied Research Laboratory and switched the jurisdiction of National Space Program Office under its administration. After years of effort, National Space Program Office had built a complete space technology development capability in the establishment of Taiwan's space system and infrastructures. It is no longer simply a program office but Taiwan's space technology integration center. Therefore, in order to be in consistent with its actual duties and achievements, National Space Program Office has been renamed as National Space Organization on April 1 2005.
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