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▲ The image of a flying simulation of FORMOSAT-1
FORMOSAT-1 is a low-earth-orbit scientific experimental satellite. After launched into an altitude of 600 km with 35 degree inclination, it circulates around the Earth every 97 minutes, transmitting collected data to Taiwan's receiving stations approximately six times a day. The major mission of FORMOSAT-1 includes three scientific experiments for measuring the effects of ionospheric plasma and electrodynamics, taking the ocean color image and conducting Ka-band communication experiment. The daily collected payload data are distributed to domestic science groups and to the domestic and international research organizations for scientific experiments. For the research on characteristics of ionospheric layers, the purpose is to understand the ionospheric layer structure in the space above Taiwan and its surroundings, in order to provide important information that influences wireless communication. Ocean color research is to provide experimental data in ocean related fields as a basis for practical and theoretical researches in areas ranging from environment, fishery, industrial, commercial areas, and academics. The Ka-band communication experiment is to conduct low and high data rate and rain attenuation communication experiments and to further carry out secure communication experiment to strengthen the ability of Taiwan's communication system.

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