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FORMOSAT-2 Decommissioning after 12-year Services  (2016/08/19)
NSPO announced that FORMOSAT-2 is honorably decommissioning after over 12-year services. NSPO was hosting a farewell ceremony by gathering NARLabs top management, NSPO's operations team and user's representatives to recognize the great contributions achieved by fORMOSAT-2 on 19th August 2016. Launched in May 2004 and designed for 5-year mission lif...
 FORMOSAT-2 Decommissioning after 12-year Services (2016/08/19)
 10th Launch Anniversary of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and 3rd ICGPSRO 2016 (2016/03/09)
 NARLabs' Truly Radiation-Hardened Fiber Light Sources Product Received the Distinguished 2015 R&D 100 Award (2015/11/16)

Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop 2016
3rd International Conference on GPS Radio Occultation (ICGPSRO) in 2016
Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop 2014 & Formosat-5 RSI Development Wrap-up
Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop 2013