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NSPO Celebrated FORMOSAT-2 10th Anniversary of Operations  (2014/05/21)
NSPO hosted the FORMOSAT-2 10th Anniversary Conference in Taipei on May 21st 2014 to celebrate FORMOSAT-2's 10-year in-orbit operations. Dr. Ching-Hua Lo, the President of NARLabs, delivered his welcome remark to congratulate the FORMOSAT-2 10-year operations. Dr. Chung-Liang Chien, Deputy Minister of MOST, summarized the accomplishments of FORMOSA...
 NSPO Celebrated FORMOSAT-2 10th Anniversary of Operations (2014/05/21)
 Sounding Rocket 9 Science Experiment - Space Ionosphere Irregularity Research (2014/03/27)
 Flight into the Space - Development of the First Space-grade GPS Receiver in Taiwan (2014/02/25)

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